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  • Very Experienced Faculty (Practicing Tarot for many years)
  • Extensive Study Material (ppts + published E-Books through mail)
  • Real life examples for practical analysis
  • 6 month membership of Future Samachar and Research Journal
  • Course Certificate

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Become a confident Tarot Card reader with guidance from Tarot Experts from all over the world!

Join thousands and millions of students worldwide with certified course and emphasis on practical training. With Online Tarot Course on Zoom, you can learn the divine knowledge of Tarot Card Reading whilst exploring the true meaning behind your every move. Future Point offers the Tarot Course Online via Zoom Meetings. The first level of Tarot Online Course is meant for those who have an inclination towards the field and are starting afresh. The introductory level of Online Tarot Reading Class includes subject matter being delivered through email and regular Zoom classes held by master experts. Designed as per International standards, the course is suited to those who have fairly good hold over the Tarot Reading experience and are aiming to learn more in order to master the subject.

Become a Professional Tarot Expert in just 10 classes!

With Best Tarot Card Reader in India, Pt.Sharad Tripathitaking the regular classes, you’ll be ready to accurately read the card spreads in no time! Discover the psychic world of tarot and the magic it holds. Through this course you’ll be able to learn how to decipher the true meaning of cards and how they correspond to different aspects of our life. With rigorous training over Zoom classes, you will unearth the secret to consult the deck for all important decisions of your life. No matter how little you know about Tarot, with easy-to-comprehend approach used by the teachers, you will be able to grasp the subject in just a few classes.

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What sets this Online Tarot Course apart?!

With dozens of Online Classes & Courses available, what sets the Mani Jyotish Kendra course apart is the approach with which it has been designed. Following thorough International Standards of Tarot, the course amalgamates teaching & building up confidence in 10 fun classes! At the end of the course timeline you will be able to confidently & accurately predict the events and happenings through Tarot Card Decks. Instead of looking for Tarot Card Reader near me, you will be gearing up for a professional change in your own career.

Enrolling in this Tarot Course by AIFAS & Mani Jyotish Kendra will guide you to read tarot decks and spreads like a pro! In no time you will be able to even churn a career out of this. Moreover, the study of Tarot Cards will also take you along a guided path of divination and spirituality where you can use the course professionally as well. Down the road, at the end of this course you will be able to confidently give psychic readings, intuitively answer the card spreads regarding others and their questions, along with discovering a new psychic path for yourself.

Bonus Content with this Online Tarot Card Reader Course

The Online Course by Future Point gives you access to a whole new world of occult with:

  • 6 Month Free Membership of Top Astrology Magazines - Future Samachar & Research Journal of Astrology.
  • Access to eBooks and material sent via email.
  • Hands on training with case studies and live examples.
  • Classes on improving predictive techniques, regularly.
  • Certified course taught by master experts to take you up the career ladder.

Enrol Online Today to learn Tarot Card Reading designed as per your needs! Hone your skills in the comfort of your own home in a deeply interactive & comprehensive manner. Combined with Prashna Shastra of Vedic Astrology, the Tarot Card Reading Online Course at AIFAS aims to make you the best Tarot Card Reader in the world!