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Our problems never seem to cease. They have always been a force that drives us to find solutions and ask for a peaceful living. We move heaven and earth just to find solace for our hearts, unknowingly creating more of these problems. There comes a time in life when we’ve had enough of these and we find answers that have been one of the most proven ones. Wearing Rudraksha or a gem that’s suited to our horoscope has been a problem solver since ages. Future Point has come up with reports, that are a sure shot way for you to find out the ways in which you can make a lemonade out of all the lemons that life throws at you.

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Basic Rudraksha Report

The Rudraksha Report features a detailed analysis of the best-suited rudraksha as per your horoscope. The report is 5+ pages long and does a detailed analysis of a person’s horoscope in order to provide an analysis of how it is potent enough to change a person’s life.

  • Role of Rudraksha
  • Rudraksha Recommendatione

Rudraksha Report with Consultancy

A detailed description is included in the report that features all the highs and lows of your Kundli and at what times you must consider wearing a rudraksha. The Rudraksha Report is the best way to find out which rudraksha suits you the best. This report comes with a consultation with our Astrologer.

  • Complete Basic Rudraksha Report
  • Handwritten report of your question from our expert
  • Detailed answer to your query








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