The Online Numerology Course

  • Learning Numerology by expert Numerologists in the field.
  • Online Zoom Classes so you learn at your own pace in the comfort of your home.
  • Earn a Certificate upon successful completion & start your own journey with numbers.
  • E-Books and extra reading material to facilitate your quick learning.
  • 6 Month Free Subscription for the best Astrology Magazines- Future Samachar & Research Journal of Astrology.

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AIFAS Online Numerology Courses

Online Numerology Course offered by Pt.Sharad Tripathi has been curated with the sole aim of imparting the knowledge of numbers & the role they play in future telling. Through Online Numerology Course you will be able to build your own profile as a successful Numerologist in India. The course offers not just professional growth, but your own personal growth as well. You will be able to distinguish the different pattern in your life and of those near & dear to you in great detail.

Numerology Course Online

Taught by AIFAS’s senior faculty member, Pt.Sharad Tripathi- the course curriculum includes:

  • Introduction to Numbers & How they came into being
  • The planets & Lords assigned to Numbers
  • Master Numbers & their significance
  • Karmic Debt Numbers & their impact on life
  • In-depth learning with Case Studies
  • Remedial measures through number knowledge

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Become a professional Numerologist with Online Numerology Course!

You have the chance to learn the brilliant science that goes behind numbers & calculate the exact time and duration of every roadblock and difficulty a person will face in life.Numerology Course entails a detailed curriculum that helps calculate precise moment an event will take place and what will be its impact. The Certificate Course in Numerology by AIFAS, powered by Future Point helps one understand the nuances of future telling through predictive techniques used in numerology. As a part of occult science, Numerology depends heavily on numbers and vibrations preset in the environment & how they can be utilized in daily life to accurately predict the future. Trained by master numerologists on regular Online Zoom Classes, the Numerology Course gives you the freedom to learn the esoteric science of numbers through modern-day techniques and predictive methods. At the end of the course you will be able to create your own profile and prove your merit through a certificate of completion undersigned by the director of AIFAS himself.