Love & Compatibility Report

Several factors impact your romantic compatibility with another person, but how you are aligning on a fundamental level is something that makes or breaks the partnership. When your ways of life are in perfect harmony, the bond becomes easy, stable, and with high potential. When your views do not match, it creates an unstable foundation, and the relationship built on it starts crumbling. Find out the core compatibility between you and your partner with our love and compatibility report. This report that is based on Vastu and astrology reveals about most essential energies that puts an impact on your connection.

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Varients: Basic, Premium

Love & Compatibility Report




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Softcopy + Hardcopy

Significance of Matching

All Calcultations

Charts & Graphs

Remedies For Boy & Girl

Favourable Points for Both boy & Girl

Rudhraksha Remedy For Both Boy & Girl

Sadesati For Both Boy & Girl

Kaalsarp Yoga For Both Boy & Girl

Manglik Vichar For Both Boy & Girl

Akshkoot Matching For Both Boy & Girl

Detailed KP System

Shadbal & Bhavabal

7 Types of Dasha


Favourable Points

Favourable Gems



Manglik Vichar

Kaalsarp Dosha

Pitradosha Report

Numerology Predictions

Numerology Remedies

Planet Reading

House Reading


Lal Kitab Analysis

Remedies as Per Lal Kitab

Yearly Predictions for 20 Years

Dasha Analysis

Important yogas in Horoscope

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Basic Love and Compatibility Report

The Basic variant of the Love and Compatibility Report comes with 85+ pages of detailed compatibility tests between you and your partner. The Report features

  • Significance of Matching
  • All calculations
  • Charts and graphs
  • Manglik Dosha consideration, and remedies
  • Kaal Sarp Dosha for both boy and girl
  • Ashtakoot Matching
  • Detailed KP System
  • Numerology
  • Dasha Analysis of the couple
  • Important Yoga in Horoscope

Premium Love and Compatibility Report

The Premium Love and Compatibility Report gives you access to an exclusive consultation with our expert astrologer. You can ask a question of your choice and we’ll send you a penned down version from our astrologer, along with a complete Compatibility Horoscope Report in a colored printed book format.

  • Complete Basic Love and Compatibility report
  • Hardcopy of the Report will be delivered to your doorstep
  • Printed Colored book will be sent
  • Detailed analysis of the Horoscope by our astrologer
  • A personalised answer to your question from our expert.








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