Kaalsarp & Manglik Dosha Report

Some combinations of planets in the birth chart are dangerous and can lead to fatal accidents. Kaal Sarp yoga is one such planetary combination that has a detrimental effect. Manglik dosha is also another such flaw in one's horoscope that draws miseries in your life. A person is said to have a Kaalsarp dosh when all seven planets are there in the birth chart between Rahu and Ketu. And ill placed Mars brings in Manglik dosha. Through our Kaalsarp and Manglik report, you can know whether you have them in your horoscope or not. Once found, it should be treated immediately to avoid all doom in life.

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Kaalsarp & Manglik Dosha Report




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Basic Horoscope Details

Kaalsarp yog

Presence of yoga

Remedy of yoga

Detailed Analysis of Horoscope

Name of the Kaalsarp Dosha

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Basic Kaalsarp & Manglik Dosha Report

This 5+ pages detailed report would calculate the planetary combinations in your birth chart and let you know if you have Kaalsarp or Manglik Dosha present in your birth chart.

  • Basic Horoscope Details
  • Details about Kaalsarp Dosha and Manglik Dosha
  • Presence of Kaalsarp or Manglik Dosha
  • Remedies

Premium Kaalsarp & Manglik Dosha Report

This premium version of the Kaalsarp report comes with a consultancy! You can ask a question and get personalised predictions by a learned astrologer to help you get out the mess that life has spun around you. This Online Manglik Dosha and Kaalsarp Dosha Report contains:

  • Basic Horoscope Details
  • Complete Basic Kaalsarp and Manglik Dosha Report
  • Detailed Analysis of the Horoscope
  • Name of the Kaalsarp Dosha
  • Personalised Remedies for Kaalsarp and Manglik Dosha, if present.
  • Answer to your query








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