In-Depth Predictive Horoscopes

The Astro Vastu analysis functions on three main parameters that are individual horoscope, vatu principles, and the auspicious time or the Muhurta. An in-depth predictive horoscope is the primary basis of Vedic astrology, and it acts like an astrological chart for calculating the future of any individual. Horoscope depends on the date of birth and is one of the best ways for predicting one's personality traits and how their future will pan out. But with developing technology, online horoscopes now feature many options and astrological systems that are available for horoscope reading.

Prepared by our experts by correlating Vastu and astrology where personal Vastu matches with an individual's horoscope for increasing prosperity in life. Vastu principles assist in enhancing situations, but Astro-Vastu ultimately enhances it for a prosperous and content life.

Available: English, Hindi
Varients: Kundli Phal, Kundli Darpan, Bhrigu Patrika

In-Depth Predictive Horoscopes


Kundli Phal

Kundli Darpan

Bhrigu Patrika

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Basic Horoscope Details

Planetary Degree & Positions

Vimshottari Dasha

Favourable Points

Gem Selection

Lucky Stone

Sadesati Consideration

Manglik Vichar

Kaalsarp Yoga

Planetary Reading

Personality & Nature

Mother, Conveyence, Property, Education

Intellect, Children, Love & Romance

Father, Profession, Status & Power

Yearly Prediction

5 year
10 year
20 year

Dasha Analysis

Yogini Dasha

Numerology Predictions

Important Yogas

Ascendant Prediction


Lal Kitab


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Bhrigu Patrika

Based on the principles of Bhrigu Samhita, the Bhrigu Patrika Report is a complete analysis of one’s birth chart along with the planetary positions and their influence on the individual’s future. The most detailed horoscope in the market, it boasts about a whopping plethora of calculations and charts that provide an in-depth character analysis along with future predictions and remedies. Along with the calculations present in Janam Kundli Plus Report, it includes:

  • Basic Horoscope Details
  • Favourable Points
  • Yearly Predictions for 20 years
  • Detailed Analysis of Horoscope
  • Planetary Predictions
  • Nakshatra Phal
  • Dasha Analysis
  • Numerology & Planetary Predictions
  • Gem Recommendation

Bhrigu Patrika contains 20 years of Transit Reports along with Yearly predictions based on every move of the planets in your birth chart. Moreover, the report amalgamates Numerology and Lal Kitab, two of the most accurate astrological sciences to make incredibly accurate predictions as per your date of birth and other details. The patrika also contains Health and Finance Astro Graphs with 20 years of predictions along with Gemstone remedies. The predictions thus mentioned helps in making the right decisions at the most appropriate time.

Kundli Phal

The most extensive report containing 40+ pages of calculations and in-depth analysis, the Kundali Phal report contains all the basic horoscope calculations along with charts and numbers that provide an in-depth analysis of all the houses and the planets present in them. All things offered in Janam Kundli Report inclusive, along with

  • Favourable points
  • Dasha analysis
  • Planetary Predictions
  • 5 Year Yearly Prediction
  • Detailed Dasha Analysis

The predictions in the model include House predictions about your Health, Finance, Marriage, Career etc, Planet readings about the 9 planets in your horoscope, Dasha readings for 10 years, and Yearly predictions (Transit predictions) for 5 years. The report also comes with remedies specifically aimed at providing you solace from all your woes. Remedies for all types of doshas present in your kundli are also added at the end of the report.

Kundli Darpan

An extensive 120+ page Horoscope Report, Kundli Darpan provides a bird’s eye view into your horoscope.

  • Shodashvarga table
  • Vimshottari Dasha
  • Yogini Dasha
  • Gem Recommendation
  • Dasha Analysis
  • 10 Year Yearly Prediction
  • Dosha Analysis with remedies

Consisting of an advanced chart with calculations and combinations along with a detailed analysis through Kundli phal, Sudarshan Chakra, KP System, Divisional chart, Jamini or Jaimini Astrology, Shadbal, Ashtak Varga and 10 more of these well-renowned astrology systems, Kundali Darpan is your answer to every question ever asked. The report also features Dasha Calculations from Vimshottari and Yogini Dasha with even the minutest of details mentioned in clear sight.








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